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The design process is about creating an elegant and delightful solution that solves the many and varied issues that affect any project, without appearing to compromise.

To be able to achieve this, the starting point is always a full and thorough understanding of the brief and aspirations of the client. Alongside this, the site conditions, site setting, the local architectural vernacular, as well as the regional and national planning policy, and obviously budget, are all taken into account.

A project starts with a site meeting, to gain a thorough understanding of the brief and the issues arising from the setting.

Through a number of iterations of the designs, moving from initial concept sketches to the final planning drawings, the focus is on communication back and forth between me and the client and as appropriate, the planning authority.

This process of listening, adjusting, and negotiating ensures an outcome that is not about ego, but is about sensitivity and practicality.

All of the designs are presented using drawings produced by hand. Showing proposals in this way immediately begins to indicate the quality of the materials that we most commonly work with, and from our experience is the best way to encourage support for a project.

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